i want one...it looks soo comfortable =)

I am so getting this pillow! It looks so comfy. :-) Full Body Pillows - U Shaped Body Pillow - Body Length Pillows

Always Cool Gel Mattress Pad. Oh my goodness if this really works...we would be in heaven!

I just bought this and I love it. It is great for aching joints, fibromyalgia, all stages of pregnancy, back neck pain, respiratory digestive disorders.

Pool pillow?!?

oversized comfy chair.

The Superior Comfort Bed Lounger - Hammacher Schlemmer

Outdoor Floating Hammock Bed, so want this!!

World Fire Pit

Winter life hacks- the drying rack for boots and sweater fix

The 7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear - Hammacher Schlemmer

But Seriously Pillow

Nook built into larger room Multilevel platform, pullout trundle bed, storage drawers.

$8.00 sky. I soooo want one of these in my stocking!!!

I can never relax when typing because my elbows hurt when I try and type laying down. I don't even have to buy this thing I can just suck tape a pillow to cardboard and BAM!!

would make cooking so much neater. Now where can I find one?


favorite thing in the world

iPhone printer. No bigger than a box of tissues, no software to install and no ink cartridges. Want. Going on my christmas list!

haha this is my life