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I think it makes the librarians wonder if I'm ill or something...

This is so me! My thoughts are all in words, full of punctuation, narration, and description. I never knew anyone else was like this! Sometimes it feels like I'm writing my story in my head, and maybe, just maybe, I am...

It's true. If I don't have a to-read list, and I go to the bookstore, there's no way I'd get to buy anything, cause I'd be going through each title and description.

But on one thing I am sure - money does not make you poor, money does not make you sad -- Money can't be all that bad!

Yup. The last book that did that to me was Night Circus.

The more I want to ignore or forget what's going on, the more I'll read my favorite book.

oh yeah and i reread my fave series to revisit their comfy lil worlds again because they feel like home to me

...and then try unsuccessfully to replace it with another one that I like just as much.

new and interesting worlds to visit and new adventures to be had with my fave characters...can't wait to open the book and start reading

There is a moment of excitement when you find a book you forgot you had. You feel like y ou just won the lottery.

This is so me! The worst is when I'm listening to a book while driving and I realize the guy next to me is watching me, while we wait for the light to change!