• Denise

    That even includes my horses, certain baby calves that I have bottle fed and all my barn cats.

  • Kathryn Phillips

    Dog crates, toys, hair, and all!

  • Nicole Campbell

    My dog is my baby and best friend, and definitely part of our family!

  • Tiffany Newell

    People tend to tsk tsk us when we talk about the things we do for our dogs. They're not just animals, they are part of my family

  • Patty Nowell-Odom

    My pets are my family.

  • Diane :)

    My pets R family!!!!!!!! #pets #family #dogs #schnauzer =)

  • Jo Johnson

    My pets are family. And just to top off my worst month ever, i had to put down one of my gorgeous babies yesterday. No choice, RIP Halo. Now with my dad.

  • Chelsea Plzak

    so true... quote in my future vet's office? :)

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