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  • Debbie Klinzing

    RENAISSANCE PAINTING 16TH Clouet,Francois Elisabeth d'Autriche, queen of France (1554-1592), wife of king Charles IX. Wood, 36 x 26 cm INV. 3254 Louvre, Departement des Peintures, Paris, France

  • Pusita Gibbs

    16th Century Paintings of Women | Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France :: Franzois Clouet

  • Carly Curtis

    Francois Clouet. Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. of Austria and Infanta Maria of Spain, wife of King Charles Charles IX. of France. ca. 1571

  • Lisa Meacham

    Portrait of Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France as wife of King Charles IX by François Clouet (French, 1510-1572), 1571, Louvre. Beautiful hairstyle, beautiful dress

  • Sammy Small

    Peter Lippmann and Christian Louboutin Collaboration

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The children of Henri II and Catherine de Medici: The second son to become king, Charles IX and his wife Elisabeth Archduchess of Austria.

after a portrait by François Clouet - Portrait of King Charles IX. 1566. Louvre Museum, Paris.

On August 24, 1572, King Charles IV of France, under the influence of his mother, Catherine de Medici, ordered the assassination of Huguenot leaders in Paris. In what became known as the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, thousands of French Huguenots were killed in just a few days.

Isabella, Infanta of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress, Duchess of Burgundy, Queen Consort of Spain; by Titian, c. 1548. Her father was Manuel I, King of Portugal. She was married to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

Jakob de Monte portrait of Elisabeth of Austria queen of France (1554-1592) as a widow - Vienna kunstorisches museum

1578 Marie Elisabeth of Valois by François Clouet (location unknown to gogm) was the only child of Charles IX of France and Elisabeth of Austria by Clouet APFxAlexandrina-Sofia 25Jul11

1554 Elisabeth-1.JPG (350×567) Needs attribution. Seems to be a short multi-strand beaded girdle.

The Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria (1554-1592). She was a daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and his wife, The Infanta María of the Spains Archduchess of Austria. She was Queen of France (1570-1574) as the wife of King Charles IX. She had no surviving children.

Portrait of Isabella of Parma (1741-1763), first wife of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II of Austria.

Clouet, Francois (1515-1572) - 1571 Portrait of Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France (Louvre)

10 Crazy Royals - Insane Royalty | Unlike Afonso, King Charles IX of France actually took out his savagery on others in his court, including once on his sisters. Due to a disfiguration, he was dubbed the Snotty King and was given to fits of rage and sadism. In 1561 at the age of 10, Charles took the throne after all the other eligible heirs died. Like Carlos, it was his overbearing mother that ruled long after her regency ended when he came of age.

alldeadprincesses: Anne of Austria (1601 – 1666) Queen consort of France and Navarre