A soft answer...



I need to remember this :)

Write it down. Pin it up on your desk. Put it by the sink. Leave it on your iPhone. Remember it often.

Positive Parents: A Little Grace

This definitely made me cry :)

We all need reminders. I love every sentence of this.

Father, I pray your peace guards my child's heart. Philippians 4:7 ,,,A mother's prayers never end.....ever

greatest modern artist ever... and so true!!

Love this !......so true!.....living everyday to the fullest and loving every blessed minute of my life!......

speak kind words, always a good reminder to remember this. . .

....and Spiritually Speaking: Love Your People

Need to remember this

Children will not remember you for the material things....


SO True...

So true!! My parents showed me this, hubby's parents showed him this and we plan to show our kids this. Children learn by example, be mindful how you treat your spouse :-)

I couldn't love this more

let go

Beautiful reminder