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    good to know :)

    • s stafford

      Lip Piercing Types | Best search terms of the week, Tumblr edition: Part II | Just Some ... ******I want snake bites (silver rings) ~s

    • Sean Mullen

      lip piercing names (technically the one that's labeled as a Monroe is a Madonna because it's on the right side of the face) Interesting.

    • Jada Little

      Is there a name for when you want spider bites, and then have another lip piercing on the opposite side of the spider bites?..... can't find a picture anywhere! I really really want that.

    • No

      Different types of lip piercings. I want snake bites or spider bites

    • Alexis Hewitt

      doubt i would ever get my lip pierced, but still nice to know

    • Erotic Aislin

      #piercings #lippiercings #angelbites #monroe #snakebites

    • Ink -N- Fusion Tattoo Studio and Supply

      Lip Piercings $25.00 - $75.00 Ink N Fusion Charlotte, NC

    • Kira Scott

      lip piercing names except Monroe is the wrong name

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    Ive always liked the monroe and vertical labret im just to chicken sh^t ill stick to ink! 15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

    type of lip piercings

    One of my favorite piercings - the vertical labret. Less damaging to the teeth than regular labret or lip piercings, and oh-so-pretty!

    I would really like to get my industrial! I wonder how bad it hurts

    less common facial piercings

    I can't seem to find a picture of the piercing I wanna get on someone so I thought I'd just upload this one with different "bites". I'm kinda going for either shark bites or spider bites.

    #tip #tongue #piercing #piercings



    I like this piercing as it's unusual and is attractive. I want to use tattoos and piercings in my magazine to make it more appealing

    purple flower... tattoo idea??

    different peircings

    ashley piercing, lip piercing,

    Dermal piercings ♥

    Anti-eyebrow -- one of my favorite facial piercings, too bad I don't think I could pull it off

    love these piercings.

    getting second and third holes as well in both ears and also these piercings: left ear: Rook, industrial, daith, tragus, snug and helix right ear: daith, tragus, snug, helix

    I like this, but I don't think I would do hoops. Probably just tiny gold studs.