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You're not just an 11 year old child. You are the supermegafoxyawesomehot Darren Cris<he says that in the musical about Cho Chang

HP + Very Potter Musical!!! If you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical, you need to YouTube it now!!

The avpm staff looks so much more like the book said than the staff in the movies. I love avpm!

A Very Potter Sequel

Read Chapter Fifty shades of Malfoy* from the story Pregnant with Draco's baby (Dramione) by Always_a_slytherin (Mia👑) with reads.

Ron is always eating. | 19 Reasons Why “A Very Potter Musical” Is Timeless

Every time i look at her i get pains in my chest and i just know its her fault, that bitch Community Post: 19 Reasons Why "A Very Potter Musical" Is Timeless

A Very Potter Musical. Hoorah.

I've always wondered just how many times the King's Cross workers get Obliviated.

I suppose he does.

Tom Riddle, the really passionate fanboy. Is no one going to talk about how hot Tom Riddle is?

The amazing Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy

A Very Potter Musical. Just watched this entire thing - plus the two sequels - Lauren Lopez is AMAZING as Draco