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foolproof explanation!

I'll hang this next to the one about wine being how classy people get drunk - ha!

I now have a new name to yell at stupid drivers.

Get over it, twat waffle. i am not sure why i did not think of this awesome term!

I don't laugh often, but when I do it's usually because someone fell. Stay clumsy my friends.

Lol soooo true but as long as they're not hurt because then it's just mean but yeah stay clumsy, people! One time I was going to slide into home plate but I tripped over it but I was still safe! Lol it was funny I was COVERED in the chalk.

Funny Confession Ecard: My Pinterest account looks like I am going to be very fit, very fat or very, very drunk.

Mine looks like I am going to be very fit,or very very fat .and REALLY crafty too.