still cant figure this out

Believe it or not, your mom might be the original hipster! Peek in her closet or at an old photo album and you might be surprised at what you find. Are there any vintage sunglasses, original 501 Levi's, or hand-written letters? Does she own a dual turntable for her Beatles records, or a Bianchi bike – more signs that your mom is still hipster, inside and out. Follow along as eBay details the other telltale signs of your mom's hipsterism.


O___o wtf?

Hilarious neighbor note!

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O.O wow I just now saw it. Repost if you saw it, comment about it if you didn't!




It's Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, with a hand gesture that unfortunately is used in sign language for a part of the female anatomy. I'll bet she's already broken herself of this habit!!!

Too funny

This sight is keeping me laughing tonight.


whose line is it anyway!

Sometimes you just need six hunnit and fiddy dollas.

this is hilarious...


When men lack supervision… this is so funny!!