Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe with Italian Meringue Buttercream. (the trick to vibrant cake layers is to use food coloring gel not liquid)

the little epicurean: Rainbow Cake - I know someone who made this - it took them days.....but it was beautiful!

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake with an Italian Buttercream - this has a recipe. Corey wants a rainbow wedding cake.


Whisk Kid Rainbow Cake : took a while, but it was fun. It tasted good too. Made it for a birthday party and my friends were amazed. Frosting the cake all white definitely makes for a surprise when it's cut in to.

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Best Kids Parties: Rainbows

Try rainbow foods if you hesitate which color your next delicious desserts should be. Use all bright colors. These 36 desserts are very pretty and yummy.

rainbow cake - Buscar con Google

Rainbow Cake Roll With Rainbow Chip Filling food rainbow dessert recipe food ideas recipes dessert recipes cake roll food recipes foodie food recipe ideas

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes - picture tutorial

St. Patrick's Day idea - lovely picture

Teeny Tiny Rainbow boxes Better Crocker SuperMoist white cake mix, mixed up according to package directions 3 tubs white frosting parchment paper inch pans liquid food coloring (used colors from both the classic and neon sets)