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Great advice :) This is why I try to smile every day! You don't need a reason; if you think about, you probably have a million reasons anyway. Most days, I try to smile just to smile :) Not that it's always easy... but it's worth it when you can!

Hey beautiful, gorgeous, good looking woman, I love to think about you, imagine you're here so I could kiss your lips, and see your face, I miss you incredibly, and just want you to know so maybe your smile today will be because of me.

I love happy quotes emmilee i love

Been prepping all morning waiting for the sun to shine on my porch.  Now I am ready to sit down out in the sun and do some needleturn on both the tablerunner Remember When and on the wallquilt One Day At A Time (both designs Sue Daley) Saying for today:

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10 Benefits to a Gratitude Journal

The daily text was so good today! No matter what trials we might come against always take comfort in the blessings of Jehovah and his love for us❤️