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Absolutely hilarious.. Faces get confused so fast.

But I was trained by the drum major. My friend (trumpet player) thought they were better but my drum major said otherwise.

They are always really catchy. But they almost never have words.

That is sooo true! My friend and I get them stuck in our heads all the time! The drum Cadences are fun to dance to after football games.

Worse is when having those songs stuck in your head translates to muscle memory taking over and air flagging as you're falling asleep. It's like that trip/fall jolt you sometimes get except your arms do a flourish as you kick your leg out

< Having show music stuck in your head > Ahem, listen up airheads, this ain't just a marching band quote. Give regular band players some shine. Maybe they weren't ALLOWED to be in marching band *extra loud COUGH COUGH*

Marching Band  It's all Mom's fault for scheduling Vacation wasn't Harry Porter worth it you didn't look to off in the line up!!

Rookies thinking that it’s okay to miss band camp. In no way is it okay to miss band camp unless you want to die.

Marching Band 'Problems'... follow the link, they're all funny.

Yeah cause the nonband cool kids always try to fit in with the band nerds NOT. Except we adopted Standage ;