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  • Gaynor Dodd

    Army, U.S. Troops coming home! 1917 history

  • History By Zim

    A soldier returns home from the war. Washington DC, 1917. Harris & Ewing

  • Jade Henry

    Army, U.S. Troops coming home! 1917 True today as it was back then, Military families welcoming their loved one's home. Proud Army Wife

  • ~timetraveler~

    U.S. Army troops coming home. 1917.

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P.E. Nobbs 1915 by paul.malon, via Flickr

There were many new types of technology in WWI some being tanks (as you can see in the picture one has fallen into a trench) also gas mask bc of the knowledge of poisonous gases. Bombs and machine guns.

Living on the Edge. Gives me sweaty palms just looking at it.

WWI Nurse - 1917 Red Cross Motor Corp. An amazing look back in time, the Nurse is beautiful, but i'm also drawn to the beautiful curves on the bonnet (hood) and that front right wing upto the windscreen (windsheild)

~ 1917 ~ don't get out the album where its got us naked as babies on chamber pots under giant mushrooms

1917 Autochrome photograph by Paul Castelnau

WW1 Idyll by janwillemsen, via Flickr