This really cracked me up. It's almost like sibling rivalry and the fact that it took place in a car (where most kids get into fights) was priceless.

This is something I want to try!

Lalala..these are amusing inspirational photos... and then... "What the hell am I supposed to say to that?!"

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I love this funny cat #funnycatmeme #funnycats #cats find more funny cats here

The fuck you just say???

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I'm gonna start saying that... Now

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Growing up with siblings

Growing Up With Siblings<, me and my cousin (Jade marine)

My little brother just fell out of bed and screamed "IT'S OK THE GROUND CAUGHT MY FALL!"

Hahah yes. This is me Lindsey and Nicole all the time but we still just giggle and walk over

17 Kid Quotes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard Youll Cry

Aaah.... Happy flashbacks of scaring my little brother throughout our childhood... This would have been a brilliant idea! XD

Hahaha yeahhhh it's sweet when mamas there but when she leave fists fly

I'm one of those people and my friends,jokingly, call me the spawn of Satan. This has just confirmed it.

how can that get anymore adorable? For all those percy jackson fans out there I immediately thought of annabeth chase.

Both my dogs totally do this!

I swear when I was little I did this almost everyday but except I did dragons instead of lava!