brass knuckle holster

brass knuckles

US $44.95 Self Defense Bat Handle for Maglite flashlight

How to make a Knuckle Duster. How to make a Patent Boxer Style Knuckle Duster. How To Make Real Brass Knuckles - Photos and instructions - A-Z. How to make…

Exoskel Stabilizer

New KZ Product from Botach. For operators in high risk environments. This tool can be used for self defense as well as rescue. Mission adaptable: Spikes can be added or removed, as well as 7 pocket clip locations to allow for full customization. Natural grip works well with or without gloves. Allows the application of tremendous force in almost any position. Join Our "Name It" competition Here.

Paracord Self Defense Lanyard ( known as monkey fist) featuring steel ball and metal skull bead w/ welded rings

Carbon Fiber Ventilator, self defense weapon - SHOMER-TEC

Dervish knives

Kydex sheath for the ESEE4 or ESEE4P Horizontal vertical carry NOT THE KNIFE..j

thigh holster


these single/double knuckles look insane.


FREE Wilderness Survival Card Please note: This links to an offer for this Survival Card where you pay shipping and handling ($2.95/card.) As is true of most sites like this, they then offer the other 3 cards in the total kit, too. Regardless, I've ordered this to put in my own EDC bag.

Tops Knives - BACK BITE

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Updated and rail-mounted: Lewis Machine & Tool's M203 grenade launcher delivers flares, buckshot, .22s, high explosives and more!


Brass Knuckles + Sawblades = Awesome Knife.