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Who needs 50 Shades of Grey when Matthew Mcconaughey is going to be in a stripper movie with Channing Tatum?

hahahahaha Laura Jayson Jayson Hunter Fornaszewski Ashleigh {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} Inda what does this make you think of?

The right way to ask…kids should ask for everything in this way.

This is physically painful to read. ...No, seriously, I have an acute pain in my head after reading this.

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Ryan Gosling on his dog’s unique hairstyle…

Why can hot people do things so much better? They're like freaks of nature!!!

Sometimes I don't wanna have to work for three hours before I get to eat, and then have to wash a thousand dishes when I'm done.

Lol. Smartest man ever. At museums he is allowed to touch the art. His mother has a tattoo that reads Son. Both sides of his pillow are cool.

If you come into my house with an ostrich, you better come bearing TWELVE smoothies. Or you may suffer severe injuries. Kthanks ;)

We cry over everything that gets spilled, because we're the ones who have to clean it up.