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Alphabet Puzzle

Monday, February 16, 2009 Letter Search For this activity I had this foam alphabet puzzle that I got for 88 cents at Walmart:) and a dish of rice. I popped out all the letters and mixed them in with the rice. I set this up in the sensory tub so Caden already new the rules and everything would stay neat. Here is a picture of how I set this activity up.

Diy Salt


The Salt


Sensory Project

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Diy Sensory Toys For Babies

Salt Sensory

DIY salt tray with alphabet cards: this is worth clicking to see how easily she re-purposed an old box, well as to see the beautiful watercolor letter cards she made (you can, too!).

Learning 4 Kidsfrom Learning 4 Kids

Learning to Count Activity

Counting Activity Preschool

Counting Preschool Activities

Counting Book

Preschool Learning Activities

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Preschool Numbers

Count Counting

10 Learning

Number Activities For Toddlers

This counting activity involves reading and sharing the story Elmer’s First Counting Book. Followed by a count and match the number activity using coloured squares that imitate the colourful patches on Elmer the Elephant from the book.

Sun Bleached

The Sun

The O'Jays

Magnet Letters

Alphabet Puzzle

Sunbleach Puzzle

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put letter on black construction paper and sit in sun. After several hours remove letters and laminate paper for reuse.

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Preschool Names

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Name Puzzles. what a simple idea to keep kids busy and teach at the same time!

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pre-school activities

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Teaching Colors In Kindergarten

Sight Words For Toddlers

Use in a center to learn color words.

The Imagination Treefrom The Imagination Tree

Counting and Measuring with Lego: Preschool Maths Game

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Counting and Measuring with Lego: Math Game - Good way to visually compare numbers - I would suggest making the corresponding numbers (like 5 and 15 or 8 and 18) the same color to help see the pattern relationship between the numbers (5 and 15 or 8 and 18 are separated by 10)

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Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

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Math Center: A super simple "number correspondence" tool to help preschool kids learn math with beads

Or so she says...from Or so she says...

DIY Write and Wipe Preschool Worksheets (she: Chelsea

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Write Wipe

Draw Write

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Letter M Worksheet

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Write and wipe worksheets. So smart! She provides a link for the print outs with different choices for the letters.

Number Fishing

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Fish Letters

DIY kids math fishing game...they add what they catch. Awesome idea

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Learning Letters Using Rocks

Learning 4 Kidsfrom Learning 4 Kids

Name Collage

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Teaching My 3 Year Old

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Great for my 3 year old!

Build Letters

Making Letters

Letters Building

Building Idea

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Cube Letters

Unifix Cubes Letters

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Letter F Crafts

Color recognition, learning patterns, and making letters with unifix cubes. Pre-K literacy or math center activity

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Car Ride Activities Set 1...good for quiet time, too.

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Sensory + letters

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Child Literacy

Great activity for a kindergarten literacy center. Ideas for differentiation.

Momtasticfrom Momtastic

Kids Activity: Balloon Five Senses Game

Senses Game

Senses Idea

Five Senses Activity

Kids Activity

Science Senses

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5 Senses Craft

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Inside Games For Kids


Teaching Colors

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Loop Sorting

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Sorting Busy

Loop Color

lots of preschool activities.

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