Flutter-By Franks: crescent dough, cut triangles in half; roll each into ball and press to 1/2" thick; place 4 balls into a square on cookie sheet; cut hot dog lengthwise except last 3" and place between sets of wings; bake 375 for 14-16 min.

Cheese Hot Dog Digger..how cute!

To make Mummy Dogs you will need some bread dough and hot dogs. Use a store bought tube of Pillsbury crescent dough. Wrap the dough around each hot dog so that they look like mummies. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Add drops of ketchup or mustard for eyes.


Look everyone, it's the first Tortilla Butterfly of Spring!

Hot dog hearts

Orange Butterfly snack

This is too adorable to even consider eating! Cute Dog Bento

Puppy Cupcakes

Chicago-style Hot Dog~don't really need the recipe for these but pinning anyway! Love Chicago style hotdogs!


- the hot dog fairy!

Fun food!

Fun fruit for kids :-)

hot dog inside a dog recipe

Slice a 1cm piece off one side for the head. Slice a thicker one off the other side of the apple.Cut this piece in half (along core line). Slice each half into 4 legs. Cut off one of the remaining sides, should be about 2cm thick. Cut out V shapes. Slice down the middle to create the claws. Gauge to holes where the eyes are and slot in two apples seeds. Yum!

Hot Dog Octopus

Butterfly snack for the summer/spring and loads of other cute snack foods kids will love!

Edible Butterflies: Celery sticks filled with spinach dip, pretzels for wings and raisins for eyes!

Safari Snack