I used to do that until I realized I forget their names the second time and the third time and so on. When finally memorizing the name, after a while I forget the face being like "wait, who is that...". Oh well.

Bahaha. Wow



Fun fact

If you ever need to make an essay longer


Yeah... I tried every one. So did you. Nerd humor.<-- Yupp. Tried it, giggled then read the description and laughed even harder. Lol.

FAVORITEST PICKUP LINE EVER <3 Too funny!!! This made me giggle. :)

How to spot a liar

Best time to buy tickets

YouTube night--this includes a link to 2.5 hours of clean, funny clips. Or if you just want a good laugh, check it out!....... I'm going to check it out for the laughs and especially because this is all clean humor....

EVERYONE READ AND SHARE! it's so sad and crazy things like this happens..

This made me die. :D

See the line? No? It's back there, you crossed it five minutes ago.


Some of these are really disturbing... But this is sooo worth reading!

I so it on the inside. ;)