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    1996 polly pocket bubble bath, my favorite polly pocket :)

    Omg 90s childhood. Before toy companies cared if you could choke on the small pieces bc they were SO DAMN AWESOME.

    Who remembers these?? pic.twitter.com/mdJoYp8Gf9

    never understand how my sister loved this toy....so small!

    Polly Pockets. I had one with a pet panda that I loved. Noticed that the majority of awesome toys were toys you could carry around with you discreetly?

    Olney Village POLLY POCKET. Massive wave of nostalgia - I used to have one of those big ones. Polly Pockets were the best things ever! I miss being a kid.

    Loved Polly Pocket and rememberplaying with them at an embarrassingly old age:) funny I ended up naming my daughter Polly.

    A great walk down memory lane with some of my favorite toys growing up in the 90's. Like Polly Pockets! Oh nostalgia, you get me every time

    I always got a Polly pocket as a mini gift during my brother's bday so I wouldn't feel left out