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visit Sydney, Australia (or anywhere in Australia for that matter)

Bucket List -- hold a koala

DONE and WANT TO DO AGAIN! I was in college at a sanctuary for safari animals on a field trip. I got to feed at mother and daughter and pet them. They are "people" animals, but did tolerate me and my exuberance. It was a magical experience!!

I want to go to Australia...!

To see one of my good online friends, see the Australia Zoo, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, visit the aborigines, etc.

At Jax Zoo! You're really only supposed to feed them but I couldn't resist! They are my favorite animals

I love giraffes! They have beautiful eyes and so soft fur! Bush Gardens is where you can hand fees them!

I have this blurred memory about feeding an apple to a giraffe as a little girl... I wonder if it's true!

Pet a kangaroo. - DONE! (pet/held a joey & got my pic taken with it at a wildlife refuge)

Sydney, Australia - this was fun... kangaroos like you to scratch behind their ears just like other animals!

bucket list : Feed a koala, possibly in tandum with a trip to the far east