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    I used this before most cause it worked so well to clean with and the price was affordable. still use it today !

    My mom swears by vinegar, so much so I'm goin to make sure she's buried with a bottle for the after life! Now I know why, there are a million uses its AMAZING

    50 uses for vinegar- scroll down to see all the additional comments that include more uses)

    Cleaning with Vinegar It's cheap, it's natural, and it's tough on bacteria, mildew, and dirt. Read on for some smart vinegar cleaning tips for every room in your home.

    Vinegar. eg add tsp vinegar and tsp sugar to correct a too salty taste.

    Easy way to Clean Your Dishwasher with Vinegar plus other helpful cleaning tips with vinegar!

    Try this Lavender Vinegar All-Purpose Vinegar. The lavender helps counteract the smell of vinegar! In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Add 70-80 drops of lavender essential oil and shake well to combine. Add 2 small drops of purple food coloring if desired. Spray on to surface and wipe with a soft cloth. Polish with a dry cloth if necessary.

    Chris Barnes: 5 New Uses For Coffee Not only can you get your caffeine fix, but you can also repel bugs and fertilize your garden with this popular drink

    Oil and Vinegar to Clean Wood Furniture I mixed up some vinegar and canola oil. I used 3/4 cup oil, and 1/4 cup white vinegar and mixed it up in an old spaghetti sauce jar. And I got to cleaning…You can tell the difference right away.