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Move And The Way Will Open Zen Necklace

Meditative Movement - Envelop the Zen philosophy of living each moment fully into your life with this necklace designed by Kathy Bransfield. Artfully inscribed "Move and the way will open," is an ancient Zen proverb that encourages the power of action in order to discover yourself and the path to enlightenment. A brass open enso, a Zen symbol representing being a part of something greater and that imperfection is inherent and essential to our existence, completes the ensemble.

Message in a Bottle Necklace

Could be a very thoughtful gift. Well, depending on what's written in the message I guess.

Advice And Guidance On Jewelry That You Need To Read

4th of JULY SALE Crystal Lariat Necklace in STERLING Silver. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

Dragon Ear Wrap

You'll feel like a true Khaleesi with this fierce dragon ear cuff earring fitting perfectly across your ear! It stands out just enough to draw people's attention, but is still appropriate for all sort