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    • Jami

      Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris. My eyes have the same mutation of the 4th picture

    • Cami Mueller

      Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris. I have eyes like the 3rd & 4th pix. So that is what my eyes are!! interesting!!

    • Kristine Newhouse

      Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris. My eyes are a deep teal blue on the outside of my iris and fade to blue-green around the pupils. Depending on my mood and what I wear my eyes seem to change color. My whole family has uniquely beautiful eye colors from piercing sky blue to yellowy-green to deep teal blue. Pretty cool!

    • alex

      Heterochromia = amazing eyes😍

    • Dee Derr

      Heterochromia - A beautiful mutation which causes the iris to have more than one color or a person can have two different colored eyes - example: one brown eye and one blue eye.

    • Paula Dettmann

      Heterochromia - a beautiful mutation of the iris.- Awesome, didn't know that I had this.

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