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Nutella Pie Pops. You could also just skip the stick, and make mini nutella pies :)

Blueberry Pie Pops-- not so intricate make them look more like poptarts if we do a brunch again. ABs

More Pie Pops! So upon making these I found the best way to keep them on the stick to the last bite. Use an extra strip of pie dough to put over the stick that's laid on the bottom. Pinch down to seal and brush the inside with egg wash before putting the filling in. Make sure when you are done to seal well on the bottom around the stick.

Sturgis Desert! Plan on apple, cherry, blueberry and ice cream. These sound so easy I can practice a lot before the trip.

Cheesecake Pops - fun holiday dessert

Peach and Butterscotch Sauce Pie Pop / Bakers Royale

Sweetie Pie Pops. Bite size pieces of pie. REVIEW: I would make the glaze that goes with these and maybe cook them a little longer. I like the crust a little brown and flakey. But otherwise, they tasted really good!

Mince Pies. Never had one before....but they LOOK yummy. :-)

apple pie baked in an apple {skinny wednesdays} - By baking the pie in the apple, in place of all that crust, the calories are slashed, along with a lot of the fat. You get all of the great apple and cinnamon taste, with just a bit of crust.