Camyl @ Folio Montreal -- would this work for an underwater kingdom? Reminds me of fishing nets but finer

☫ A Veiled Tale ☫ wedding, artistic and couture veil inspiration - Marie Antoinette inspired lace mask | Flickr


I LOVE these lace masks. Definitely more my style. 24-11-2013 Masquerade Sunday Club Cinema

Marie Antoinette - masquerade

I want Jeffery to walk around with random models occasionally. I think he considers them accessories.

black lACE

...•ᘛ Thistle ★ Sisters ᘚ•... Masked.

(1) marie antoinette | Tumblr


Marie Antoinette Hairstyles | Products - Fantasy + Cosplay - Marie Antoinette powdered wig hairstyle | Vintage French Design

white hair, black mask and blue bow


Jeweled Mask

dentelle noire

Beautiful silver mask. i want this for the pretend masquerade ball i attend in my head

pink mask

doll like

Exquisite Venetian Mask, I especially love the chain being the underside of the mask below her eyes