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  • Bill McRae

    Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Chris Thile's third solo album, is widely considered his first major one. From the new bluegrass trio Nickel Creek, Thile is a monster mandolin player. The album is much more than virtuosity. It is spirited, accessible, and organic. Fun too.

  • Eric Simmons

    Chris Thile is an American musician, best known as the mandolinist and a singer for the progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek and acoustic folk/progressive bluegrass quintet Punch Brothers.

  • Ruth Woodward

    Chris Thile- One of my favorite musicians ever. So talented

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Chris Thile...sexiest mandolin player ever? Probably. :)

If there is such a thing as a sexy mandolinist, Chris Thile is their poster child.

Chris Thile is easily the BEST mandolin player of all time =D

Chris Thile of such great bands as Nickelcreek and Punch Brothers. If you haven't seen him play that mandolin, you need to. It will change your life.

Orpheus with Chris Thile, mandolin by Lafayette College, via Flickr.

As much as I hate to admit it this picture makes me very happy. (Chris Thile)

Chris Thile with a sub. I'm not sure who photoshopped this or why, but thank you.

Chris Thile, fabulous mandolinist, plays Bach's Prelude in E Major, Partita #4. He was with Nickel Creek and also The Punch Brothers previously.

Chris Eldridge & Chris Thile. Thile's face, though.