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Fitness: My Big, Fat, Epic Plateau. So, this is a really hard post for me to write. Hang in there, Tulle Nation – it’s about to get all confessional and real (and very looong). I’m talking about losing weight and becoming a healthier person.

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Need a little motivation? (38 photos)

Better get my butt moving!

Life and working out: You get out what you put in!!! ~Gwyneth Paltrow #workout #fitness #quote #life #celebrity #motivation

Here's the ultimate butt workout! 10 Different Squat Variations to try to give you the round, toned booty you want! #squats #booty

When you see an exercise idea in a magazine, try it out right away so your body gets used to what it's doing! It will help you to remember it later at the gym! Read more for great exercise tips and ideas!

Lunges and squats are great strength training exercises that can be used to tone & strengthen the muscles in your leg and butt ! For this workout i use

Cause my body is capable of so much more than my mind limits me to. #juliomedina #motivation #fitness #workout #p90x #shakeology

I've had a slow couple weeks. Having trouble with some wrist/ hand issues, and not working out like I want. But I have some other options coming my way. I haven't given up. And I have to tell you, I'm feeling pretty blah without daily vigorous exercise. Who wants to get back to it we me?-360 Degrees

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Healthy Bean Salad

Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned... all you need is a wall.

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This Trendy “Strong is the New Skinny” Thing (and what it could mean for the next generation of girls)

Blog post: "Strong is the New Skinny" (and what it could mean for the next generation of girls).