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Some more tips with various links for beginner fisherman looking to get some bass.

10 tips for striped bass #fishing in the fall.

More information on fishing hooks, specifically for BASS fishing.

Information on Bass lures.

Camping tip. Very good tip for any outing you've planned! Just use a smaller jug for the water and salt mixture, depending on the size of the container your using.

Spring Walleye Fishing Tips

Water treatment idea for your RV

Freshwater Fishing Tips

Expert Fishing Tips - Free Fishing Videos

Cat-fishing Tips Tricks And More. Catch Some Great Big Catfish

Fishing tips mighty bite

Fishing - Learn an UNKNOWN secret to finding LIVE fish bait.

Building your own fishing rod.

A guide to when the best time to fish.

Looking for information on fish, this is the place, has a drop down list with a lot of fish in the list. Learn Habitats, fishing methods and what type of bait & lures to use.

Various knots for fishing

A website for novice fisherman like myself. There is a lot of useful information for beginners.

Solunar Tables® are designed to forecast the daily active feeding periods of fish. They are formulated from the position of the earth in relation to the sun and moon.

http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/fish-recipes.aspx This site has recipes for fish. Not only that but more information and tips on fishing, gear and how to fish.