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    Well played, sir.

    Old Lady of Havana!



    Elder Larim man in the Boya hills having his hair dressed. Photo by Patti Langton, Feb 1980. © Pitt Rivers Museum [2008.78.1.611]

    ~Have you ever laughed until you gasped for breath? ....I hope so...~

    Independence Day. Zimbawe, 1980 © John Mauluka

    Aboriginal man using newly installed phone for the first time in Amhem Land, Australia, ca. 1975. Photo by Penny Tweedie

    Mursi Woman - Ethiopia. I bet she thinks we're weird too. Look at the rest of your posts. Western culture is too far removed from nature at this point.



    Love the expression on his face.


    Shepherd in Romania

    Papua New Guinea

    Tindouf, Algeria - Toni Rodriguez

    Namibia. Himba ethnic group, who have kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of Kaokoland. The Himba are a pastoral people. Clothes, hairstyle and jewellery are all of particular significance to the Himba and are part of their tradition and culture. The proud Himba women take several hours for beauty care every morning. The entire body is rubbed with a cream, which consists of rancid butterfat and ochre powder. The aromatic resin of the Omuzumba bush is added as well. Th...

    Papua New Guinea | Portrait of a man from the Skeleton tribe | © Miguel-Ángel

    beautiful man

    South Sudan

    Dressed for the Bull Jumping ceremony - Hamer old man - Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue