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No kidding!

"where is maroon 5 finding this pay phone they sing about? I haven't seen one since about Bahahahaha!


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Why are the people who complain about drama the first ones in involved in it? Bitch shut your mouth for once and there wouldn't be any.

said no one ever..

OMG I hate it when guys wear skinny jeans.actually I hate skinny jeans on ANYONE!

That might help, lol

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: It's true money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster while sitting poolside in a loungechair outside of my oceanfront mansion.


Funny Workplace Ecard: Stupid me! So that's why I work so many hours, so you can collect welfare, wear pajamas in public and have an iPhone.

Princess Ariel on Hoarders. Oh crap, I thought of this while watching The Little Mermaid yesterday.

Imagine if Princess Ariel had her own episode of Hoaders. 'Look at this stuff isn't it neat?' No bitch. You have OCD and this is all trash. Love Ariel, but thought this was too funny to pass up.

I can't believe it's 2012 and there's still no fold button on my dryer!

I told someone something similar to this a while ago. I hate folding laundry!


The Funniest Someecards Of The Week (PICTURES)

SO DAMN TRUE! My husband sister! 3 kids, on food stamps & works at a gas station, lol! She's only But no matter what she'll manage to get some ridiculous new tattoo, lol!

Huge pet peeve!

This is my biggest college pet peeve. I go to class for lecture, not a reading lesson. I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!