Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree #Frog. I  think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...#Amphibians

Beautiful Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog (Phylomedusa gamba) Puerto Maldonado Rainforest Conservation Anuran, Peru - photo: Paul Bratescu on

Strawberry Frog #photomanipulation

strawberry frog ~ species of small amphibian poison dart frog found in Central America - NOT! This isn't the real strawberry frog!

It makes me an embarrassingly degree of happy that the branch on the tree at the Y is just tall enough that I can walk underneath's like a short persons benefit...albeit a small benefit but a benefit could take some tall persons eye really does take so little to make me happy!

Jember, Java, Indonesia (Monica Anantyowati, The positions in which frogs get photographed are just hilarious

❤Tree Frog - Cochranella euknemos❤

Cochranella euknemos Slope-snouted Glass Frog, Cochranella euknemos, a beautiful and uncommon amphibian of Costa Rica, Panama, and N Colombia. By James Christensen.

Poi divento azzurro baciami

Vietnamese Mossy Frog - definitely in the running for World's Ugliest Animal!

Black Rain Frog (Breviceps Fuscus) is found in Southern Africa

sometimes i just wanna ask G-d whaaat tha fuuuu. Black Rain Frog (Breviceps Fuscus) is found in Southern Africa

In a Perfect World...

~~Chachi Tree Frog ~ Hypsiboas Picturatus by Pete Oxford~~ One third of frogs are endangered mostly critically

So you are not a complete beginner anymore, but not quite a pro yet? Here are some more diving tips to get you comfy in the water.

So you think you can dive

I was in Sipadan to dive with the big kids. While I knew that would include sharks, it was the little triggerfish that scared me upon arrival.

“Winter is coming. And I’ll be ready when it does.” | Community Post: 25 Animals That Are Incredibly Proud Of Themselves

"Winter is coming. And I'll be ready when it does."

Tree Pangolin (Manis tricuspis)

A pangolin, also scaly anteater or tenggiling, is a mammal of the order Pholidota. Pangolins have large keratin scales covering their skin and are the only mammals with this adaptation. They are found in tropical regions of Africa and Asia.