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I'd sure like to bitch slap the moron that said there is no such thing as drama after high school.lmao

I wish Facebook had a 'Nobody fucking cares, because you're a A. drama queen B. attention whore C. delusional bitch D. all of the above' button.

Lol, I feel like this sometimes... okay, a lot of times... can you blame me? I'm in high school! I spend my day with a bunch of teenagers!

Ahahahaha. Robert, honey listen to me.... you are not funny!!! Ahahaha

If you can't handle me at my's kind of understandable. I can be a real bitch.

This is so funny.... just saying.@Sandy Stowers Simmons this is so us!!! LOL

Your posts are so fascinating. How did you learn to say, "I want attention" in so many different ways? | #someecards #facebook