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We are going to get wet! (Explored) by Keith Allso, via Flickr

11th grade: 1 week sailing the Baltic Sea together. looked just like this!

My dad wants to buy the black pearl in florida if he ever wins the lottery. My goal in life is to get the money before him and surprise him with it!

I went to a yard sale today and the owner said something that changed the way I think: "My buddy owned this place. Found out he has pancreatic cancer, and realized that all this materialistic shit just doesn't matter. He left all this and got a boat to go on his last fishing trip. You see that?" He pointed at the sky. "That's all he needs right now. An open sky, some trees, and water. When you're ready to check out it's just not about this materialistic shit."

Sailing Yacht-Lulworth--5952low, via Flickr.

i see crosses in so many things. this is beautiful.

Gentlemen Set your Sails...with a song in your heart...I love that old tune..."Brandy"...I get her...great sailing song...enjoy...Cheers!Moe

Cat Crossing by dennisr300 on Flickr.

Aswan EGYPT - check. Great photo. This is how I remember Aswan. With calls of 'Felucca One hour?' From the boats and us calling back 'La Shukran' (no thank you)