Playing in the leaves...❤


Newborn Doberman!

Stephanie Bremer Vom Residenzschloss via Doberman Pinscher


Siberian Husky Portrait by aveh587 on Flickr. "Onyx sure does love the snow."

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Doberman Pinscher

Nice doggie......


Doberman Pinscher - German origin - by Hypo Focus

Doberman Pinscher

I love Dobermans

#Dobie style

So much like mine when she was younger. The Doberman is a challenge and a treasure. Loyal but independent, sweet to the core but there is an occasional twinkle of "I can take care of it Dad, just want you to know that."

I think I'll sleep right here #Dobie


gorgeous #Doberman

My Dobie's all do this too