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Fight Chronic Inflammation by Changing the Way You Eat http://healthpositiveinfo.com/fight-chronic-inflammation-by-changing-the-way-you-eat.html

East vs. West Medicine (Infographic) via @Dr. Frank Lipman. (However, keep in mind that not all "Eastern" (parentheses for generalization) medicine can cure all illnesses. Western medicine has the ability to cure other illnesses that not all Eastern medicine can.)

Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies

The Good Immune Guide Infographic

essential oils

health-hazard-of-sitting. I look at that woman's spine, and it's me sitting here at the computer. Sit up!

10 Holistic Cold Remedies

Benefits of Raw Honey

10 ways to stay healthy

Stress can be a major burden on your overall health, as well as an indicator of a diet lacking in some vital nutrients. Here's how to find a balance!

What Your Poop and Pee Are Telling You About Your Body


holistic healing

In working with clients with tension headaches I find a holistic approach is most effective...

How to Become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Fibromyalgia Infographic - Pain & a Holistic Approach

The Happiness Effect Infographic

Signs of nutritional deficiencies

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