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  • dot Jenna

    A West Virginia pastor pays the price for his faith - The Washington Post

  • Peg Price

    Snake Handling Pentecostal Preacher, Mack Wolford, dies from the bite of a yellow timber rattlesnake .

  • Liz Cadorette

    Snake Handler's Death Draws National Attention - Beckley, Bluefield & Lewisburg News, Weather, Sports

  • Larry Short

    Oh ye of little faith: Serpent-handling pastor dies from rattlesnake bite (just as his father did).

  • Sara Drum

    'Serpent-Handling' West Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

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Illustration of the bible's "pride goeth before destruction" - Snake-handling preacher dies from rattlesnake bite in West Virginia and a valuable lesson is taught: don't take the bible literally!! And don't be a big show off either!

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KY snaking handling preacher and National Geographic reality star, Jamie Coots, dies after being snake bit and refusing medical treatment. Feb. 15, 2014

James Morrow, a pastor & serpent handler, allows two copperheads to slither across the pages of a bible.

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Most pastors who want to con you just say Jesus spoke to them. Pentecostal televangelist Juanita Bynum II is taking the crazy a step further… she’s apparently “typing in tongues”

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