Fun (and free!) countdown timers for the classroom!

monitor classroom volume - click on "awesome website"...tested it by yelling at my laptop......it really works!!!

inside recess - a website that will get them moving! great for rainy day!

Classroom timer - with different music - Mission Impossible, Dr Who, Star Wars

Fun timers for classrooms

SERIOUSLY! This website is a miracle for finding videos for teaching moments!!!!

When your class is quiet...the balls are still. Love it.

PTO- 4- The Gamification Guide for Teachers - This is an awesome website! This website gives gamification guides (which is basically leaning through games) for teachers to use. It includes a variety of instructional strategies that cam be implemented through games in order to develop understanding in students and build their skills in the specific content in focus.

Amazing website, with tons of ideas for lifeskills and autism classrooms!!!

Class boggle

could be a fun activity at any age

Good Project Based Learning Information

Technology for the Classroom

Great Idea could could make as a class

The awarding winning ICTmagic wiki is packed full with thousands of free links and resources for educators.

This district has laid out each part of the CCSS and made a unit/scope and sequence to go along with it. They've made a lesson for every part of the core FOR EVERY GRADE! I love that I can pull from this when needed. You can find all of this on the district's website ( just click the icon: {here}, and then you can choose your grade level.

Have Fun with History

Op deze website zijn allerlei digibord spelletjes voor het digibord verzameld. Ze zijn geordend per groep (het is een Nederlandse site). Je kunt ze gebruiken in een hoekenwerk. Dan kunnen leerlingen oefenen op het grote digitale bord. Ze kunnen ook gebruikt worden in een instructie of als instap van een les.

Hundreds of Smartboard Lessons and lesson plans organized by grade and subject. FREE!

48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers... So cool!!! Check this out when you have some time to sit and play!