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Hen Sitting on Kittens

We had a hen who did this also. From the time the kittens were born, she would sit on them and keep them warm while the mother was out hunting, and then they'd trade places while the hen ate so the cat could feed her kittens.

The many legged hen. Hahaha

Baby chicks know where to go if things get scary. That's right - straight under mama's protective wings! Mother hens are every bit as fierce in guarding their babies as any mother grizzly.

Dog Adopts Litter of Orphaned Kittens

Bulldog adopts litter of orphaned cats. She was raised with 'Kitty Kitty' who gave birth to kittens, around the same time she gave birth to puppies. After Kitty was hit by a car, Molly took in the kittens as her own!

This hen and her puppy. http://www.buzzfeed.com/babymantis/the-40-best-animal-cuddlers-of-all-time-1opu?sub=2076785_1045833

Mother hen warming a puppy--if this doesnt make you want to only buy organic, free range eggs, from lovingly tended chickens, I dont know what will! Hens are so cute!

Don't worry little kitties, I'll be your mommy.

Chicken Looking after the Farm Cat's Baby Kittens whilst she takes a break and get's her Breakfast - Surrogate Mother on the Farm

Mother cat with baby ducks and her kittens....Sweet

Mother cat with baby ducks and her kittens.What a beautiful photo! (KO) What a good little mama cat. Mothering what would normally be a prey animal. They are babies and obviously need a mama, so kitty steps in as substitute. Sweet babies all.

Bantam Frizzled Golden Laced Polish   It looks so cute, almost like a muppet.

Buff-Laced Polish Bantam IS there a chicken in there? She just makes me happy you can dust with her AND she'll lay you eggs :)

Organized cats... Sounds like organized crime

How Best To Organize Your Cats


Cat pushing dog on wooden horse: Ok, but. next time it's my turn. - Give your friends a smile: share this!