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I'm really interested by their body language in the pictures. In season 1, there's a lot of space between Benedict and Martin, and Martin has his arms crossed, signifying slight discomfort (though he could just be cold). Season 2, they're closer and have more open body language, showing they're more comfortable with each other. Season 3, they're in each other's intimate space (very close - touching), showing they're very close and comfortable with each other. I love it!

I adore 'The Watson' and 'The Sherlock' They're all just so goddamn apt ♥

In other words the emotions I go through on a normal day

I don't ship Sherlock/John but this is hilarious and I had to re-pin

I feel like a good portion of the Sherlock fandom really need to have their mental health checked...

Sherlock: an artistic depiction of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman Whoever did this did an amazing job.

Sherlock, The Sign of Three, behind the scene ♥ look at that smile!

"I mean, what, are we here to see the queen?" *Mycroft walks in* "Oh, apparently" *burst ninth giggles

When John tells Mycroft that it'd be embarrassing for both of them if Mycroft threatened him.

This made me think of my friend Emily (who is Sherlock) and I at camp this past summer. She was stressed out so she just wanted to be a burrito. So I went and got my sleeping bag and we both wrapped up in them and mayest on the floor for awhile like that. Then I got up and she stayed like that for awhile.

"He's like a burrito of deductive happiness." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ REPINING FOR THAT COMMENT--- this

This kid just changed my outlook on life. I am going to spend the rest of my day trying to figure out if I am a Sherlock or a Watson and who is my other.