Vintage baby "car carrier", 1960's.

The stand-up, baby bath/changing table of the 1950s

My mom had one of these - I thought it was so cool to watch Mom put the clothes through the wringer.

Vintage Baby--Baby walker

plastic baby rattles

Safety dianper pins - for cloth diapers -

Vintage Baby--Baby dresser set

The bar in front slid up to get in the swing.

Wow Rare Vintage Baby Diaper Bag Vinyl Tulips Large Retro Rockabilly | eBay

Classic 1960s 70s baby stroller.

70's car seat....oh how far we have come...

Vintage Graco Swyngomatic Automatic Baby Swing 1973 | eBay

Good times

baby stuff.

1960's Child Car Seat

Drive-In Movie Sound System.....Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of you....what fun it was!!!!

Vintage Baby Carrier/Portable Bed (Pram) *Kantwet* ~Sweet~ | eBay

Cup holders for your car window - a must have item back in the day

vintage walker

Vintage baby equipment ad, 1960's - 1970's,

I remember when most families owned station wagons and we could sit in the back . . . no seat belts required!