Vintage baby "car carrier", 1960's.

The stand-up, baby bath/changing table of the 1950s

Vintage Evenflo baby bottles and sterilizer

Vintage portable infant / baby crib / bassinet / car bed, 1950's.

Ad for Rambler 1962 YIKES

Vintage Hard Plastic Baby Rattles

plastic baby rattles

1960 school fashion. I wore a dress to school every day for the first 6 years...

My mom had one of these - I thought it was so cool to watch Mom put the clothes through the wringer.

Safety dianper pins - for cloth diapers -

Vintage Baby--Baby walker

For the babies

70's car seat....oh how far we have come...


baby stuff.

The bar in front slid up to get in the swing. (baby swings of our days!)

OMGosh! Mom used this for my sister & me!!

Mother bathing baby in a bathinette, circa 1950's.

Driv-urself. /// If you threw on the brakes the person in the back seat would be thrown forward and hit their (my) head on the giant metal hooks and have a concussion :P

Vintage Graco Swyngomatic Baby Swing

1960's Child Car Seat