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servo motor controlled via web browser through beaglebone black

Homemade DIY CNC Machine using Step Motors, Dremel, and EMC2 http://www.lirtex.com/robotics/diy-cnc-machine/

Lego-Bricks made from Wood

great idea..

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Brick

Functional Lego 3D Printer

legobot, matthew kreuger, lego, 3dprinter, instructables http://inhabitat.com/the-legobot-is-an-inexpensive-homemade-3d-printer/

Stepper Motor Quickstart Guide Check out http://arduinohq.com for cool new arduino stuff!

Page by Page Instructions for EVERY Lego set since 1965.

Wall*E made from Lego! Awesome!

R2-D2 Ultimate Collector Series. Coming soon !

As the winter season approaches, I wanted to try my hand at ice sculpture. Out of LEGO. So I created this Melting Man sculpture completely out of transparent LEGO bricks. I also lit it from within, to give it a glowy-feel.

Lego R2 Looks Sweet in Black and Gold "Once you go black you never go back."

Lego Technic Artificial Arm. If I lost an arm this would be it's replacement.

Lego Wall

Lego Mindstorms EV3: Elephant

Picture of How to make a BeagleBone and an Arduino communicate