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Full moon in winter. To see the shadow of the stretched barbed-wire of this country fence across the crusty snow is amazing. / I would really like to see snow like this around here this winter. Would be wonderful, especially at Christmas.

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Winter's Moonlight = = = The picture it's beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing God Art out for people to see…It Looks cold…Blessing To You…Mitzi.

Thanks for lunch. See you tomorrow.

Thanks for lunch. See you tomorrow.

“Umursadığınız insan sizi hayal kırıklığına uğrattığında, insanları önemsemekten vazgeçip yalnızlığı seçiyorsunuz.”  Oğuz Atay

Moon Casting Shadows On A Snowy Night ~ Creative and super professional photographer, Veronika Pinke, is based in Germany. Her photography produces beautiful pictures with absolutely amazing colors.

beautiful winter blues .. X ღɱɧღ ||   “ Maybe the wolf is in love with the Moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch."

'Nature Speaks' I am not sure if this is a photo or a painting, but so beautiful i had to pin it.

Wintry woodland landscape with full moon - Julius Sergius von Klever as art print or hand painted oil.

Snow by lamplight

I've always hoped for snow when I've been in Ohio and it finally happened this past November.at 62 I finally saw my first snowfall. It was at night with light behind it (much like this photo) and I was mesmerized. It was like I'd witnessed a miracle.

Beautiful snow scene. Look like a Christmas card.

Cabin in the Woods a winter's dream photo Adrian Cantemir on the Beauty of Snow Country Living