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How to store and stretch essential oils to make them last longer.. LOVE this idea for storage of oils!

5 Essential Oils to Makeover your Medicine Cabinet. These oils work. I've used them to relieve fevers, tummy aches, headaches, and even on my sons toe infection. I use them with the humidifier when one of the boys has a stuffy nose.

Essential Oils from Head to Toe - just remember do NOT ingest oils w/o supervision of a certified aromatherapist (which is not a sales rep!)

Reusing Essential Oil Bottles. First, save them ans take off the lid and put them in your bath wate, WaaaaLaaa an instant Aromatherapy Bath and you haven't wasted those last little bits. :)

Introducing the KidScents® Oil Collection from Young Living- specially designed and prediluted essential oils for kids! #1675765

Should essential oils be a part of your health and wellness care supplies? Is there a big difference between a bottle of essential oils that costs $90 and a bottle that costs $12? Is there a way to determine whether or not I’m really getting a quality product? Are they safe to use without side effects? Is there a big difference between essential oils and dried herbs of the same name?

Essential Oils for the Holidays...and links to aromatherapy for fighting colds and flu