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Liverpool based imprint, 3 Beat releases DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager’s ‘La Seranata (Dream Of You)’ encapsulates the essence of summer. This creative collaboration between Ibiza legend, DJ Pippi and Balearic DJ Kenneth Bager was recorded in Ibiza and Denmark

I think this picture perfectly encapsulates Anne and Gil's walks through Lover's Lane.This is just so sweet I want to cry!

and my collection of LPs from the 70's which play nonstop on the record player in the corner. The house encapsulates our family history in its 3000 square feet, and I want her to be able to live there on her own terms for as long as possible. And because, in my mind, the house is my mother, I want it to look perfect. I want to be a perfect caregiver to them both; if the house is showing wear and tear, then my mother is, too -- and that means I'm not doing a good enough job.

Hubie's back! ...well, in a way. Playwright and actor Dale Butler and his troupe are recreating his legacy in Butler's play Celebrating the Life of Hubert Smith, Sr. The show encapsulates Smith's illustrious career (both as a solo act and with the Coral Islanders) from his start at the old Colonial Opera House to playing for President Kennedy and HRH the Queen and directing music at the Princess Hotel. Catch it soon before it's all over!

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Housed in a former “relaxation center” that once boasted brain tuners & relaxation tanks, SHANGRI-LA RECORDS is everything you could ask for & more in a record shop. Literally stuffed to the rafters w/new & used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, etc. the amount of goodies in its relatively small confines will keep you entranced for hours. Shangri-La perfectly encapsulates why digital music can’t & won’t ever completely drown out an analog music shopping experience. ~ Esquire

Marble House by the Knife. Love the song, love the video even more. Sort of a very dark Brambly Hedge, great miniatures and mice!

Zambri — House of Baasa (April 10) We featured Zambri’s Berlin-samplin’ opus “Hundred Hearts” in our MP3 round-up last week, and it pretty much encapsulates everything about the Zambri sisters’ music — it’s dark and atmospheric, but still with a distinct pop sensibility. By the sounds of new track “ICBYS,” which we’ve embedded above, the duo may well be indulging their pop-oriented leanings further on their debut album House of Baasa.