Marvelous Portrait Photography by Kai Böttcher #inspiration #photography

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Kai Böttcher #inspiration #photography

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After This 30-Day Challenge, You'll Have the Best Butt Ever

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fitness is like can't cheat on it, and expect it to work. Work as hard on your diet as you do in the gym.

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Destroy what destroys you! in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! The workouts change daily so there is no chance (Minutes Quotes Full Body)

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This beachside optical illusion is so funny, AND it makes us want to back our sunscreen and flip flops and head to the sand!

14 Optical Illusions That Are Even Funnier at the Beach

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How long and often you should lift. #WomenFitnessMotivation

How long and how often should you lift

How long and often you should lift. #WomenFitnessMotivation

Being able to wear absolutely anything.. (Absolute motivation)

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Dandelion off center photo, capturing the beauty of a weed closeup. I really enjoy how the dandelion takes over the photo.

I love this. I see a quote similar to this at my doctors office every time I go. "What fits your busy schedule better? Exercising one hour each day or being dead 24 hours everyday?"

What fits your busy schedule better - exercising one hour a day or being fat 24 hours a day? Ouch, need to remember this!

Skinny vs athletic

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