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    Danielle talks about her favorite toys from childhood and sharing them with her own toddlers!
    September 7, 2011

    90's kid vs. kid today

    • Auddems PsychChick

      I'm a '90s kid, and it saddens me greatly that a LOT of kids nowadays complain about not having "anything" to do or not "getting what they want" when they have iPods, iPads, iPhones, video game systems, or overall expensive stuff. You know what I had? the OUTSIDE and toys that didn't cost more than 30 dollars, and I ended up having an amazing imagination and the ability to be grateful for my blessings. Watch how you raise your kids, please! THINK ABOUT IT #90skid #thinkabout it #childraising

    • M Ley

      The things under the 90s kid were some of my favorite toys evvvverrrr!

    • Anna Marie Brady

      90s kid forever....I know its 90s and not 80s, but it is so true!

    • Jeanne

      90's kid vs. kid today haha! This made me laugh! It's so TRUE!

    • Samantha

      So true. I think 90s kids had the best childhoods :)

    • Brittany Kerlee

      90s kid vs today's..the truth!!

    • Kiersten Ulversoy

      this made me laugh so true hah

    • Cara Hunsinger

      So true! Glad I was a 90s kid!

    • rachel doche

      Funny Stuff :)

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