Frighteningly true and updated! : ) Librarian Twitter Bingo #humor #librarians #informationscience

'I wish I had more to do at work. All I do is read books all day.' Said no librarian ever.

Ask a librarian! Oh, do we know answers, if someone would just ask!


Google ≠ Librarian

Lego Librarian.

A message to the wise.

librarian valentines

Important Librarian Stuff tote bag

said no librarian ever

Yes, I need a librarian!



The Librarian Is In

Don't make me shush you!


Who else wants to try it??? Colleen 2015 Reading Challenge. I've pretty much done this on my own already, and I'm counting some things I've had to read in school because I loved most books..but it's a great idea!

Librarian Minion