Hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of ThatDisneyLover! I'm Laura, I am 23 years of age and I from the UK! I am obsessed with many things: Disney, Disney Parks (Mainly Paris), Animation, Movies, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Pentatonix,...

For me, TV, movies, books are quite similar - it’s all really about the interactions of the characters. All that other stuff: zombies, vampires, aliens, history, police, demons, doctors, monsters, ...

I KNOW that's happens ALL THE TIME! "hello, is anyone there?" its as bad as when the teen girl goes in the closet. THEY'LL CORNER YOU IDIOT!!!

Riiight?! At some point don't you think maybe you're the crazy one and not just dating a bunch of scum guys?

I've moved 4 Rubbermaid containers in my last 11 moves - they've yet to be opened. Kurt keeps trying to convince me to get rid of then, but I CAN'T!!

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