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  • Tristan Henry

    INDEED they do! So glad I take the time to put playing, reading, singing, giggling, and loving my children over cleaning the house! I'd rather stay up all night and clean than give up time with my kids!

  • Jessica Thomas

    So true and I really do hope my kids remember all the play time we shared together...cause in 20 years I will probably still be cleaning up my messy house from playing to much and not cleaning LOL :-p

  • Laura Wright

    this is so true every mother should be given this and told not to stress about how the house looks so long as the children are happy

  • Ariel Lewis

    I need to make time for my kids more instead of constantly thinking the house has to be in perfect order.

  • Roxanne Lohn

    I remember this hanging in my house when I was a kid. So true.

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